A few notes on college

One of our most common questions is, “What ages can be students at American Family Education?” At all levels of development people are looking for more than alternative education.. they are looking for education that would actually work for them individually. Not only do we establish a better foundation for students, but we start them on a path with tools through to living a purpose driven life, fulfilling their mission.

For many people the path to their mission is outside of needing a college degree. Some will need specific certification or licensing to fulfill their missions.. but not most. For most, learning the skills we emphasize like goals planning, finding and being mentored, soft skills, leadership, logic, personal finance, etc, are the skills that are rarely taught in other programs, but are most important for general success are all taught at AFE.

It’s no wonder that even with our program still being developed, so many are anxious to participate at AFE as a preparation for life, not just a replacement for K-12 education.

A few quick videos that highlight the current state of higher education:

What Every Graduate Should Know

The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear

Game of Loans

The Problem with Having an Advanced Degree

Utopia University Promotional Video

How the Liberal University Hurts the Liberal Student

The Least Diverse Place in America

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