State Church or Public School?

For a group of men supposedly careless about religion (as is now popularly taught), it is ironic that the first item on the Founding Fathers’ list of THINGS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAY NOT DO is create a State religion or interfere in anyone’s practice of religion (while safeguarding life, liberty, property). “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”(Amendment I, Constitution of the United States). Most of us have a mental image of what a church is, does, or looks like, but consider these components of religion taken from dictionaries: Deity:A belief … Continue reading

Community Classes (Camps) This Week!

Printable Schedule for Sep 5-7, 2017 Available classes: Literacy Skills 9 – 11 AM Musical Theater w/ Shauna Hart 9- 11 AM Applied Psychology w/ Larry Farris 10 AM Art w/ Cori Trout 11 AM – Noon Broken Science w/ Larry Farris 11 AM – Noon Survival Skills w/ Scott Asay 11 AM – Noon Group Games & Strategy Games Snacks/Lunch Noon – 1 PM Rising Warrior Kung Fu w/ Katrina Crittenden 1 – 2 PM Card Making w/ Sachael Spencer 1-2 PM For more details and to register for the classes you want to participate in by clicking HERE. … Continue reading

2 Upcoming Events & 2 Requests

Open Houses Next Thursday, September 7th, 2017 @ 10 – 11 AM and 6:30 – 7:30 PM There will be a presentation from Kathryn about Accountability a.k.a Learning to “Pull” Together and AFE’s tools to build these connections: Family Game Night, Friday, September 8th, 2017 from 5:30 – 7 PM Planned by the scholars, please bring either a snack or a game for >6 people to share. (Currently enrolled AFE Families only, their siblings and your guests.)   #1 bookcases of any dimension for the Explorers room #2 a hutch for the entry way A couple parents are serving our campus … Continue reading

Conscious Discipline – Safety. Connection. Problem Solving.

What Dr. Becky Bailey is teaching is truly transformative! And you can try out any of the principles for yourself. These are simple ideas, that honor an individual’s agency (free will) and they work. We love her book, “Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline.” You’ll recognize the values in this book are also found here on our page Our Values More videos for Conscious Discipline here: Comment with your experiences using these principles in your life.

Scholarships, Tuition Reimbursement & Funding

Besides the personal investment of the students or their families, donations of talents, services, supplies or funds from a private individual or company are accepted by American Family Education to support your community school(s). To make a donation to AFE or to contribute for your family’s participation, please click HERE for the PayPal Giving Fund. (Fee free online payment gateway.) AFE is very careful to set a modest budget that supports the families and eliminates wasteful spending. Many families are finding that the personal investment to participate is absolutely possible, even without scholarships! Enrolled families (enrolled in academics) may apply … Continue reading

A school that builds relationships?

The goal of socialization needs a re-work! The majority of the world encourages the focus to be on peer relationships for our children.. Why it this? At American Family Education we are looking ahead and see that children who have secure, trusting relationships with their parents have the best pattern for success. “Parent-Led” This pattern is the pattern for children learn to build a relationship with their Creator. “Purpose-Driven” More from an expert on why a relationship with a loving parent, plus other important topics are explained in the following presentation:

AFE Parent Intro/Orientation “Master Your Influence”

*Before Thursday, please request membership at the new website – (and if you haven’t seen the new Then plan for ONE of these sessions this Thursday, July 13th @ 4833 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85206 (yes, you may come to more than one): 9-11 AM  or  1-3 PM  or  6:30-8:30 PM Bring a laptop or tablet & a notebook, scriptures, $25 per family for registration, and something to write with. This summer has been full of excitement and growth. We’re so excited for you to meet the teachers and see how the AFE program is continuing to … Continue reading